post inauguration stress disorder

Healing and coaching group for those suffering from the outcome of the election

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Healing and coaching group for those suffering from the outcome of the election.

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PISD Manifesto

  • We exist to provide support to our broken, battered and unsettled members.
  • We will do our absolute best to provide you tips, tool and techniques to work through your grief and sense of loss.
  • We will stay away from politics and the unfortunate circumstances that brought us here.
  • We will be forward facing.
  • We will do the heavy lifting necessary to heal.
  • We will take the high road.
  • We will get back up when we stumble.
  • We will support one another.
  • We will maintain our sense of humor.
  • We will not tolerate accept trolls, haters and other bad guys.
  • We will not lose sight of ourselves, our families and our country.
  • We will pick our battles.
  • We will be patient with one another and know each person’s journey is different than ours.
  • We know that healing is a journey and not a step.
  • We recognize “I” before “we” is the only way forward.
  • We will use voices and action to move ourselves forward.
  • We will not hide behind a keyboard to make our points.
  • Our live coaching calls will be a celebration of our members, a means to lift one another up and a call to action.

About pisd

Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.

Hi, welcome to PISD (pronounced PISSED)! We are a group of coaches who found ourselves broken and battered after the election. We had more faith in our fellow Americans and thought he would never get in. He did, so now what? You're distracted right? Looking at the news? Wondering when the nightmare will be over? You don't trust your calls to our government are going anywhere and many of them have cut off contact with us anyway. You work a full-time job. You ain't got no time for this! You keep checking social media and wondering if something this going to happen. You've signed dozens of petitions. Checking the news or social media 24-7 is not the answer. Sleepless nights don't serve you or your family. We aren't suggesting you move on however we do need to figure out how to deal with this grief and sense of loss. That's where we come in, your PISD coaches will conduct regular and live coaching calls to help you figure how to function in our new reality. Our calls and support information are not intended to fix you because you aren't broken. Our calls are intended to help you to figure out how to mend some of your broken relationships and have conversations again. We will conduct surveys regularly and then design content to address your needs. We look forward to having you join us!

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Julie McManus

Founder / Coacher
Julie McManus found herself broken and in disbelief after the inauguration. Rather than worry about what might happen she decided to help people work through their grief.

Eric G. Reid

Eric’s goal as part of the team is to help you learn life skills that will assist you in taking back your personal authority and guide you to develop an action plan for your future. 

Checking the news or social media 24-7 is not the answer!

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